Diagnose your health

An estimated 400 million dengue infections occur worldwide each year, with about 96 million resulting in illness


Diagnosing dengue fever can be difficult, because its signs and symptoms can be easily confused with those of other diseases


Diagnosing result can get early awareness and info on your health status


You'll likely start by seeing your primary care provider.but you might also be referred to a doctor who specializes in infectious

Dengue is a potentially deadly disease if detected at advanced stage of infection. Without specific cure or vaccine, early detection is crucial to ensure the survival of patients. The 'DengueDiagnose' App is a highly accessible platform that facilitates early detection and risk assessment for both the public and medical practitioners using AI techniques. This app helps patients to assess their condition and decide whether they should seek medical intervention from a doctor. Complete with separate access modules for patients and doctors, the app also provide accurate diagnostics and interactive functions to facilitate consultation and setting of appointment with doctors in real time.